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SHARP GURUS is a group of highly experienced SAP Human Resource Consultants who combine SAP HR Application Knowledge and configuration, HR business processes, change management expertise and project management, to achieve rapid implementations of SAP HR/Payroll.

The SHARP GURUS consulting Group was founded as an arm of HRM Solutions out of a desire to build a successful model for SAP HR/Payroll implementations.
US provides the most experienced concentration of SAP HR/Payroll specialists to deliver comprehensive SAP HR/Payroll implementation consulting services. SG shares a wealth of best practices, to-be process maps, and operations benchmarks for both HR and Payroll. No other consulting firm can match the level of expertise and comprehensive implementation services SHARP GURUS provides to ensure the success of your company's SAP HR/Payroll project.

SHARP GURUS believes in the powerful impact created by an SAP HR/Payroll module implementation and the resulting benefits for the HR professional, for HR business processes, and for the entire HR customer-supplier relationship.

SHARP GURUS expertise also lies in 9 Countries SAP Payroll viz India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Great Britain, Australia, Canada and US.

SHARP GURUS was founded on the belief that successful implementations depend on:

  • Highly experienced SAP HR/Payroll consultants
  • Unparalleled focus on HR issues, best practices, and to-be processes
  • Solid agreement regarding the implementation philosophy
  • Selective engagements with clients positioned for success

The SHARP GURUS implementation philosophy is based on:

Rrapid Implementation, Knowledge Transfer, and Accelerators for design activities using best practices and established to-be process maps Unparalleled focus on HR issues, benchmarks, best practices, and to-be processes.

Many SAP projects are misguided, not meeting expectations, or falling behind schedule because they are staffed by a collection of independents that have no high-level strategy or direction for the project. SHARP GURUS provide a methodology and a scooping process, which is based on maximizing ROI for the initial phase of the implementation. This scooping process starts with a quick analysis of the clients operating metrics to determine the areas which are subject to the greatest benefit for either SAP, BPR, or change management.

SHARP GURUS ' implementation methodology is a combination of ASAP and additional tools for BPR, change management and end user training. SHARP GURUS also provide best practices for HR processes as well as examples of SAP-compliant to-be processes. Most importantly, SHARP GURUS have the experience from many previous SAP HR/Payroll projects to successfully predict and manage the unique HR issues as well as the impact of concurrent HR projects, such as employee service centers, strategic partnering, and decentralization of HR activities to line managers.


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